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Explain briefly computer security. How you will design the policies for information security within an organization ?

Computer security involves safeguarding information systems from theft, damage to hardware or software, and unauthorized access to information. This protection includes physical control of hardware, defense against network threats, and prevention of harm from actions like code injection or operator mistakes.

Designing information security policies for an organization involves four key principles:

  1. Confidentiality: Ensure that only authorized users can access data and information. Imagine it as locking a room and allowing only specific people with the right key to enter.
  2. Integrity: Only authorized users should be able to modify data when necessary. This is like making sure that the information in a locked room remains unchanged and unaltered by unauthorized individuals.
  3. Availability: Make sure data is available to users when needed. Picture it as ensuring that the locked room can be opened by authorized individuals whenever they require access.
  4. Authentication: Implement measures to verify the identity of individuals communicating with the system. It’s like having a security guard check the identity of anyone trying to enter the locked room.

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