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What is Access Control list (ACL) and also define what are the technologies used in access control ?

Access Control List (ACL):

An Access Control List (ACL) is like a permission slip for a computer operating system. It’s a list of permissions attached to an object, specifying which users or system processes are allowed access and what operations they can perform on that object. Each entry in the ACL includes a subject (user or system process) and an operation (e.g., read, write, execute).

Access Control Technologies:

Access Technology Architectures:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) access control: Managing access in interconnected devices.
  • Physical Access Control System (PACS): Controlling physical access to buildings or areas.

Communications Technologies:

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) access control: Using radio waves for access.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) access control: Short-range communication for access.
  • Bluetooth Access Control (BAC): Using Bluetooth for access.
  • Wireless access control technology: Managing access wirelessly.

Authentication Technologies:

  • Biometric access control technology: Using unique biological traits for identification.
  • Smart card access control technology: Access through a smart card.
  • Mobile Access Control (MAC): Access control through mobile devices.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Adding an extra layer of security by combining two different authentication methods.

Infrastructure Technologies:

  • Internet switches for access technology: Managing access through network switches.
  • CAT6 Cable access control technology: Controlling access through structured cabling.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) access control: Providing power and data over the same Ethernet cable.
  • IP based Access Control: Using Internet Protocol for managing access.

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